(Semi)-Hollowbody replacing wiring/pickups etc.

Hi!i In this document i will explain how to replace pickups, pots, wiring etc on a Starfire V or similar semi-hollow guitar. (Including custom size pickup rings) Click on the download button to open the […]

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Wah Wah Mods

The mods on this page are primarily concerned with the Dunlop Crybaby and Vox V847 wahs, but they can be applied to most wahs which have an inductor. For an in-depth examination of the Vox […]

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Convert Crybaby wah pedal to true bypass

Crybaby is known for sucking tone when bypassed. At a certain point, Dunlop added an input buffer to address the tone sucking issue.Since I built a buffer pedal myself, I guess it’s time to remove the Crybaby […]

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Stratocaster 2 pickups wiring

Here is a wiring scheme for a stratocaster. This wiring scheme let’s you control all the pickups. This way you will have tone control for the neck pickup and a tone control for the bridge […]

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The perfect Stratocaster basic setup.

In this document i will give you some advice and information about how to set up your strat the correct way. click on the download link below to read the document.