On this page you will find some photos and demos of my handmade pedals.

Ludeco – FX specializes in making vintage guitar effects. Think fuzz pedals, boosters, drives and many more.

You can order a pedal just by sending me a email or whatsapp message.

I also do mods and repairs on your excisting pedal (new and vintage pedals).

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6 thoughts on “Pedals

  1. These are great looking and sounding pedals! The Rangemaster one is really identical in sound and build in and on whatever you want. Eyelet, tag, turret, vero.. everything is posible. Service is excellent! Thanks man for this great pedal and service ! Custom awesome!

    Really looking forward to new handbuild pedals by Marco from Ludeco – Gitaar Service !

    1. Hey there! Thanks for your great review. I’m looking forward to build you another one! We’ll keep in touch!


  2. i just found my new pedal maker! awesome quality/price ! Marco made me a custom germanium OC71’s fuzz pedal with a *h*tload of controls that are really nice. I can go from smooth fuzzy overdrive to a hell’s fuzz !! πŸ˜€ Sounds are amazing

    thanks dude, talk to you soon


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